Alpha Chi Rho’s basic principles are found in the Landmarks formed by the Founders of the Fraternity over a century ago. They culminate in the noble traditions of Alpha Chi Rho and represent what our Founders believed was the ideal Brotherhood.

* Membership from among those who are prepared to realize in word and deed, the Brotherhood of all men.
* The insistence on a high and clean moral standard.
* The paramount duty of Brotherly love among members.
* Judgment not by externals, but by intrinsic worth; no one is denied membership in Alpha Chi Rho because of race, creed, or nationality.

These are the Landmarks of Alpha Chi Rho; its foundation and its heritage. The ideals, which they express, are to be lived out by every Brother of Alpha Chi Rho, not only during his college days, but also throughout his life. They are summarized in the exoteric motto of the Fraternity:


(Pronounced – An DREETH es tay)

Mission Statement:
“Alpha Chi Rho is a National, men’s collegiate fraternity whose purpose is to enhance the life long intellectual, moral, and social development of our members through guidance of our Landmarks .”

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